We know our plants because we grow
them from scratch. We start our
growing season when it's still cold and
snowy out to have big beautiful plants
by spring! We are not a re-seller. We
grow what we sell.
What makes us different?

We use only the best ingredients,
starting with the best soil. The top
grade growing media that we use for
all of our plants is 3 to 4 times more
expensive than others, but it's the only
way to get the best results.

Our plants and flowers are bigger,
healthier and have the endurance to
last all summer because we won't use
a sub-standard base. We encourage
you to check the roots. Pop the plant
out of its container and see if the
roots are healthy, white and abundant.

Sharkey's does not strive to be the
cheapest...just the best.
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Sharkey's Floral & Greenhouses
305 Henriette Ave
Crivitz, WI 54114
ph: 715-854-2483
fax: 715-854-8100
Thousands of marigolds started from seed in
our propagation chamber.
It's Christmas time and the greenhouses are full of
poinsettias! Perfect time to snap a family picture too
Aerial shot of one of our growing greenhouses.
Happy Mothers Day!
We are a Proven Winners certified
garden center! We proudly partner
up and grow from the top plant
breeders around the world to ensure
our varieties are vigorous, healthy,
vibrant, and unique.
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We are worth the drive to visit our
greenhouses in the spring bedding plant
season. We offer bedding plants, vegetables,
herbs, perennials and trees and more!

Our real niche, and what we've become famous
for is growing the best and largest hanging
baskets around.
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plants and flowers? Use our
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